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Help Please.

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Thisoldbird | 18:30 Mon 31st Jul 2023 | Technology
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I'm awash with spam hotmail emails. I've changed my password but still over 30 in a few hours.

Does anyone know what I can do to stop them please.


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sounds like your email address has got into the hands of the spammers. All you can do is mark them as junk as they come in and hope you reduce the amount. Other than that you'll have to start a new email.
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Thank you I have been deleting as email is the only answer I guess. Thank you.
You can block individual senders of spam and any domain that has numerous different email addresses.
Dont just delete block the addresses and
Domains as spam and some should start going straight to junk.
Scroll down to Hotmail in the link.
Good link chelle7272.
Changing your password isn't going to stop spam.

You could start a new e-mail account. Alternatively you can use existing functions to put known spam in a spam folder rather than the inbox.
I block them and my spam has reduced by 90%.

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