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Links On Emails Not Functioning

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grandpajoe | 13:52 Fri 15th Sep 2023 | Technology
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For some reason when I recieve an Email with a link to the main part of the message the link has stopped working. What's gone wrong I wonder?It feels as though in will be easy to fix but this Numpty hasn't a clue.



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I think that the first thing we need to do here is to clarify what you mean by 'link'.  If I'm reading your post correctly, I suspect that you're not referring to a link within an email (such as one to an Answerbank post) but to clicking on the subject header of the email in order to open it.

Assuming that to be the case, the other thing we need to know is exactly how you receive your emails (and possibly the type of device that you're receiving them on too).  Some people use dedicated email apps on their computers (or phones or tablets or whatever), whereas others simply go to their email provider's website by using their regular web browser (such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox or whatever).

My guess is that you might be using the latter ('webmail') system.  If so, clearing your browser's cache might well fix the problem.  (If you need instructions, please let us know which web browser you're using).

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Thank you very much for answering. I forgot to thank you earlier sorry for that. The bloody comp has mended itself and seems to be OK just now. Ah well  Chris

Thanks for the feedback!

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Links On Emails Not Functioning

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