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Fire Stick. Deleting Watched Films.

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malagabob | 09:25 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | Technology
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All the films I have watched are in an area labelled "continue watching"  I can't delete them. Have navigated around but with no luck. Pressed the 3 horizontal lines on remote. Which doesn't do or bring up anything. Any help? Thanks.



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In the continue watching section there is a small edit button on the right, click that and then you can zap them.

Question Author

On the right of what, the remote?
Theres no button. I'm pressing remote on each film, all it's doing is adding it to favourites.

on the screen you move about the screen with the arrow buttons on your remote.;format=jpeg&auto=webp

bottom right there is an edit button.....

found it?

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did you look at the picture?

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My continue watching list isn't anything like that.  Maybe it's because my films are on sky glass.

Why have you put a Fire stick in a Sky Glass? 

ok try this go onto one of the choices as if you are going to watch then press select but hold the button down for a couple of seconds until another menu comes up on the right. At the top is should have "remove from watchlist" press select and it should go.

you were talking about firestick(amazon prime). Can you post a screen shot?

Question Author

I'll try that. Thanks.

Does this help?  For Sky Glass

To clear a rogue or no longer wanted episode or film in continue watching the only way to remove it is to fast forward to the end, if Sky Cloud stored it goes immediately whereas app based requires 15 mins or so to clear.

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Thanks Barry I'll try that.

yeah it seems to be a "feature" than many desire:

FYI bob you sent us down the wrong path with the "firestick" reference, this is nothing to do with that.

Question Author

Seems it's a known unresolved Sky issue then.

thanks tora Barry.

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Fire Stick. Deleting Watched Films.

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