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Hurrah! Cracked It - Pasting Links Here Using Edge

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barry1010 | 09:48 Tue 02nd Jan 2024 | Technology
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I don't think I am alone in having problems copying and pasting links using Edge.  This is what was happening

DIY tests that reveal how fit you are for your age | Daily Mail Online

Now I can paste this

I fiddled with settings in Edge, now when I right click to paste I can choose between link and plain text.  Plain text works here




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Barry, how did you do with the exercises?  

So I guess you didn't bother. 

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Oh!  The exercises in the link.  I can do them all no problem except get up from sitting on the floor without using hands or knees.  I've been practicing but can't get past needing to use one knee

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Hurrah! Cracked It - Pasting Links Here Using Edge

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