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Word Freezing

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andy-hughes | 14:34 Tue 02nd Jan 2024 | Technology
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My Word system on my Windows 10 desk top keeps freezing.

I have the run the standard Microsoft fixes, and just invested in a company that cleans everything off your PC that is affecting performance, and it still stops every few seconds.

It's driving me crazy, and I am really busy with writing projects, so anything that wil help gratefully received.



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Is it only word? Do you have similar issue with excel ?

Also try notepad just to see if it does the same.


Maybe try restarting your PC

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I have thanks construct - no joy.

Have you tried "repairing" Microsoft Office? I'm not using the same Windows as you but you can list all the programs installed on your computer from the Control Panel. If you click on Microsoft Office it will give you the options to remove or repair it. You will need your Office installation disc.

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Thanks - I have run all available repair options, no success. 


Question Author

Thanks T - both working fine. 

ok then CTRL+ALT+DEL task manager and look at the other processes that are running. Look down the CPU list and see if anything is popping in using a lot for a second or so then dropping out. Make a note of what it is and come back.

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Thanks, done that, nothing pops up.

ok it's diffucult to do remotely. Is it a new ish PC?

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Word Freezing

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