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How Many Results Did I Get?

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Bert45 | 13:37 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | Technology
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When I did a Google search I used to get the number of results that had been obtained and how long the search had taken. Usually, the number of results would be in the thousands or millions and the search would have taken a decimal fraction of a second. But this stopped a short while ago, I don't know when. I didn't notice at first. I use the number of results as a guide as to what may be true or false when I am searching on line and find two conflicting "facts". Can you tell me how to get the number of results back, and, perhaps, why Google stopped telling me how many results they had found?



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I googled "milk bottle":


"About 188,000,000 results (0.43 seconds)"

I googled google :-

About 25,270,000,000 results (0.32 seconds) 

have you tried it in a different browser?

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I haven't tried a different browser. I use Firefox. I'll give Chrome a try. Thanks.

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Chrome told me how many results. Not how long it took, but that doesn't really matter to me. But what's gone wrong with Firefox? Can I contact Firefox? Are they likely to answer?

Anything here that helps?

Change your default search settings in Firefox | Firefox Help (

I just googled "housemate" on Firefox (no idea why, just the first thing that came into my head), and was instantly told About 39,000,000 results (0.31 seconds) 

So no change there for me.

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I tried the link to mozilla support, but there was nothing about tell me how many results you found, or don't tell me how many results you found.

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How Many Results Did I Get?

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