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Fed Up Of Carting

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lankeela | 22:26 Sat 16th Mar 2024 | Technology
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my heavy laptop around when I go away for the weekend so looking at getting something small and lightweight - considering either a Dell 11 inch or a Samsung Tab 8 - must either come with a sim or be easy to link to my Samsung phone.  Any suggestions of cheapest/easiest way to get online instead of having to rely on trying to find free wifi (currently in a Travelodge and have just paid £3 to get online).  



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I've got an old, cheap Samsung tablet that tethers to my phone no problem, these days I would expect every device to do so.

I can't advise because I don't know what you want to do with it or your preference of Android or Windows 

Think Premier Inn is free

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Days Inn is free too but Travelodge isn't, and sometimes there are no Days Inns and sometimes I need to use it at seminars or shows.  I only want to browse the internet, get emails and look things up in my saved stuff.  They had a neat little Dell at the seminar I was at today but someone else mentioned the Samsung Tab as I have a Samsung phone.  I am with 02 for the phone and wondering if it would be cheaper to up my data allowance rather than add another monthly payment.


There are some very cheap unlimited data deals now, depending how much you need.

Seems to me a tablet would suit you.  I didn't miss my laptop when I took my tablet instead away from home.

I would get a newer model tablet than the A8 and I prefer a 10" tablet

I was dithering over the a8, but worried that it would no longer get updates. Decided to go for the new Samsung galaxy tab a9+, and I'm very happy with it. There is also a smaller screen version, the a9. User Recommendationref=pd_lpo_sccl_1/262-6177522-7168335?pd_rd_w=8wwyO&content-id=amzn1.sym.448aab69-6fff-42b9-9d7a-f6325052a6f6&pf_rd_p=448aab69-6fff-42b9-9d7a-f6325052a6f6&pf_rd_r=B3SBMSCNQGRNK01XBJHR&pd_rd_wg=IOUaG&pd_rd_r=d4de529c-59df-4d58-a21f-4968a2a2e3c7&pd_rd_i=B0CMD8J8CK&psc=1

iPad and link it to your phone as a hot spot

I've got an iPad Pro and  Samsung Android.  I prefer the Samsung, it's personal preference 

I've just bought the cheaper (2GB/32GB) version of this and I'm really impressed with it:
https://www.*Ad which shall not be named*.com/i/1005004896069308.html

I was lucky in that I found it on special offer, so I ended up paying around £50 in total for it.  (That's for the tablet, carriage and import VAT combined).  At the current price, you'd end up paying around £70 in total for the 2GB/32GB model or about £75 for the 4GB/64GB version).  It connects to the hotspot from my Samsung Galaxy A12 with no problems at all.  (Don't worry about the reference to an EU plug in the link.  You don't need it anyway, as charging is via a standard USB-C cable, which you can plug into any USB-A port).

^^^ Aagh!  Ruddy AnswerBank!

Just search for this product on the website shown:
(You might need to click on the image to make it properly visible)


In the meantime though, you seem to have an excellent excuse for heading down to your nearest J D Wetherspoon pub.  (i.e. to use their free WiFi!)

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