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Samsung 21 Plus. Camera Failed

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fourteen85 | 07:40 Fri 17th May 2024 | Technology
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Hi looking for some help with this please, when i try and use the camera on this phone I get the message 'camera failed' and the app shuts down. If I restart the phone the camera will work and then if I come out of the app the 'camera failed message comes back. The camera works ok if i am using Whatsapp or google camera . Online help says to clear data and cache, I have cleared cache but was unsure about the data bit, if i clear that will photos go? any help appreciated, cheers



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I think i might be sorted

Hope so

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Unfortunately it isnt, camera works for a time if i restart the phone but then fails again . I am dreading to have to do a factory reset

Fourteen85 have you tried to google Samsung 21 camera failed it gives good step by step how to correct.

I'm stumped, sorry.  I do a factory reset on my phone every so often, it seems to refresh.  Always have done.

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Gigsie, yes I have googled and it now looks like I will have to do a factory reset  something I was hoping to avoid. 

Try phoning Samsung UK Support: 0333 000 0333
(Calls are charged at the same rate as those to 01 or 02 numbers which, on most 'inclusive minutes' phone packages, means that they'll be free.  Lines are open from 0800 to 2000 on weekdays and between 0900 and 1800 at weekends).


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I am sorted now after a trying few days, following chris's advice i have rung Samsung help line and they were most helpful. The issue was that i hadnt kept up to date with app updates. everything in the garden seems to be rosy now, thanks all for the suggestions


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Samsung 21 Plus. Camera Failed

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