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brainiac | 11:56 Sun 26th May 2024 | Technology
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I've found an online company (ink-trader) that has the HP 301 colour and black-and-white cartridges I need for only £20 for both - but they're 'remanufactured.'   Has anyone used this sort of cartridge, or would I be wasting my money?



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I would assume they are refills. Many such providers exist. Not used them extensively but had no issues when I did. Use at your own risk though. Probably better to find a local shop where you can complain if anything goes wrong.

I use Stinky Ink for compatbles, much cheaper than originals and I've never had a problem. Worth comparing the prices. 

I regularly  use these sort with no problems whatsoever. Usually  I buy mine from  Cartridge People .  However  I've  just looked at ink trader as I too use Hp but their supply appears very limited as mine were not listed. Ink is so expensive  it might be worth giving  them a try if it is only £20 for both.  You may have dropped on an inexpensive  supplier.

Undoubtedly an error, I once saw printer ink cartridges in Tesco showing the price per litre of the contents. It was over £900!

Stinky Ink user here too. Good prices and excellent service.

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Thanks for the replies.  All seems kosher to me, and I don't want to spend a fortune on cartridges as I only do very occasional printing.

That was an error, Henry - the real price is over £2000 per litre.

I've been using compatible cartridges for my Canon printer from Ink Trader for years and never had any issues.


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