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Just Curious How How Hackers Gain Access If You Dont Have A Vpn Or Pw On Your Wifi Etc

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joko | 15:59 Sun 26th May 2024 | Technology
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NB: dont need full details, not going to try this. im just curious.

but how does a vpn, which puts your location elsewhere, stop hackers from gaining access to your computer.
and also if you download stuff from pirate bay etc
or if you dont have a PW on your home wifi?
How does having open access or someone having your wifi password enable them to access your computer?

id love to be able to have good access to my other computers no matter where i am, but i cant!

if im on a friends wifi, me clicking on the name etc, doesnt suddenly open their own computer up for me to look at all their files etc.
or is that one more about people using up all my data etc?

even if its unlimited?

& why does a hacker thinking im in a different country stop them hacking me?
how does knowing what area im in, enable them to get into my PC? or know if im accessing my bank account etc?

im pretty computer savvy, & tbh, i've never researched any of this, but ive read general stuff warning people what can happen etc

but please explain like im 12 :D

thanks :)




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I will address one of your questions.

If you want all your PCs to have access to each other within your home you need to set up a home group.  This tells you how to for W11, it is similar for earlier versions,Open%20HomeGroup%20by%20typing%20homegroup%20in%20the%20search%20box%20on,box%2C%20and%20then%20select%20Next.

When I was spending a lot of time in the Canaries I had NAS set up at home that I could access from anywhere.  It had all my files, photos, music etc

This explains it

Most hacks aren't really hacks the victim helps the "hacker" via subterfuge. They cannot take over a computer without the victim installing some software, usually they are tricked into it. VPN just disguises location and encrypts traffic. "Hackers" use various techniques, relying of fear and ignorance to obtain access details and usernames, pin numbers passwords etc. weak passwords can often be guessed or worked out with brute force algorithms. Most "hacks" involve logging in to a site impersonating the victim, no access to the victim's PC is needed.

The biggest problem with not having a password on your home WiFi is strangers streaming from your WiFi and slowing you down - even worse if they are accessing illegal sites such as child porn which could be traced back to your WiFi.

Pirate Bay and the like is a minefield because you don't know what you are downloading or where you are downloading from.  A lot of nasties have spread due to sites like that.

Hackers learn the nuts and bolts of how a computer interacts with a network. In the process, they find out what tools to use. NetworkChuck on YouTube explains the basics.

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Just Curious How How Hackers Gain Access If You Dont Have A Vpn Or Pw On Your Wifi Etc

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