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Please help... Sim card problem

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Marijn | 11:55 Sun 03rd Aug 2008 | Technology
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Could someone please help. I dropped my mobile yesterday and the sim card fell out. I put the sim card back in the phone but the phone keeps asking for a sim card. I put the sim card in my spare phone and that one also doesn't recognise it as a sim card either, and asks me to insert sim. The problem is I have 150 phone numbers on "broken sim", and only put in a dozen numbers on my spare phone sim (which I use when I'm charging battery on the other one). If I can't get broken sim to work, then I've lost all those numbers. Does anyone know how I can get broken sim to work, if only just for long enough to get the numbers written down?


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Don't think you'll get it working.

Sorry :'-(
you have a spare phone for when you charge the main one??????????????????????? [;-O

sims are extremely low power devices ... all that handling isn't good for them - they are designed to be put in an left

try carefully cleaning the contacts with a clean cotton cloth shirty type material is ideal

DON'T breath on it (like glasses) or "blow the dust off"

also .... don't hold your breath
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Yep, my new phone is rubbish and constantly and without warning runs out of battery ( but it has a camera which my old one doesn't). So I've saved my old, very basic reliable phone for a stand by.
Thank you for your answers, I will try rubbing sim one more time with clean cloth. Cheers
any luck with it? mine did the same once but i cleaned it to get any greasy finger print of that may have got onto it and it did the trick
Question Author
No it's still not working. It's so frustrating. What did you clean yours with? By the way, thanks for asking. I know I should have had back-up, there's some numbers I know I have lost forever.
have you tried putting your sim into another phone, even just to get your numbers, it might be your phone thats broken and not reading your sim, not your sim.
sorry just noted you have tried that.
Question Author
Thank you Lynn. I even tried rubbing it with a rubber as a friend of mine suggested, but no luck. It's very annoying, but hopefully I'll learn from it. :-)

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Please help... Sim card problem

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