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Senior Rail Passes To Germany?

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cleoval | 16:07 Thu 20th May 2021 | Destinations
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Hi, I wish to buy Senior Rail Passes for Germany but cannot find any telephone numbers.I know in my 30's I used to buy them from Victoria Train Station In London.Can anyone give me any numbers please or a link.? Thanks in advance.


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UK train operating companies no longer sell tickets or passes for international travel.

Deutsche Bahn (Germany's national train company) doesn't have a direct equivalent of the UK's Senior Railcard. However it offers BahnCards (for discounted travel) to everyone, with discounts available on the cards' pricing for people over 65:

Other promotions offered by DB can be found here:

Deutsche Bahn used to have an office in London but that's now been closed. Ticketing for UK customers is mainly handled online but they also have agencies in some parts of the UK. See pages 21 and 22 here:
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Thank you so much Beunchico for being so helpful and your quick response.Much appreciated.

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Senior Rail Passes To Germany?

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