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Coach Station Digbeth Birmingham?

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cleoval | 23:26 Fri 06th Aug 2021 | Destinations
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Hi Does anybody know What eating places are in the National Express Coach Station in Digbeth Birmingham Please?

I googled it but it only showed near the Station not in it.Thanks.


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Don't bother it's a dirty hole. Eat before you get there.
I concur with tonyav. Unpleasant dump.
It's many a long year since I was at Digbeth Coach Station but, in those days, it was little more than a big, and totally soulless, shed.

National Express's own website says that the eatery is currently closed and there's just a coffee shop operating there at the moment:
I hope you've no interest in that café...
Chris, they demolished it and rebuilt it, so it's probably not as bad as you remember.

If you want to eat there though, I suggest taking a packed lunch.
I suggest taking a packed lunch.

And eating it in the car.
Watch out for the many beggars outside and inside.
Question Author
Thanks everyone.
Best of luck, cleoval. You'll see what I mean.

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Coach Station Digbeth Birmingham?

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