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Blackpool In Mid September

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interele | 23:07 Wed 11th Aug 2021 | Destinations
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We are in Liverpool in mid September and thought we would jump on a train and have a look at Blackpool. We can only go on Fri, Sat or Sun. Which day do people think is is best ? Other than the obvious is there anything we should see? I know from family members that have been there that Blackpool is a bit of a Marmite place but we are going anyway so advice would be good.




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i thinkSaturday,get the train from Lime street to blackpool north,its the closest to all amenities
Here's a guide to some of the main attractions.
If you're going on a Saturday, i'd make sure Blackpool were playing away that day. You don't want to be caught up in any post match 'unfriendliness'.
Pick the day that has the most frequent trains back to Liverpool. :-)
Depends what you’re in to Mal. Fri/ Sat main nights for entertainment.
I wanted to book a cream tea in the tower ballroom ( for the history aspect) .. tried booking today, fully booked for the next couple of days at around 90.00 for 90 minutes! Wished I’d booked at the start of our stay.
Just bought a magnificent book on the history of the tower. Gave me a buzz that I tracked down a musical score played by the resident orchestra in the 1800s! :0)
I'd prefer to stay in much more to see and do.

If you want to see some sand, some donkeys, a pungent smell of fish and chips , the proletariat milling about eating ice cream and wearing "kiss me quick" hats then Blackpool isthe place for you.

It's a dump.

I would prefer Southport which is also a dump......but classier.
True sqad. But I’ve had the best time! ;0).
I’m totally rough sqad, just had a game of pool & two pints of cider!!!
Prod me with a stick! ;0)
What Eleanor.......... a stick of Blackpool Rock ? -;)
Bought some rock sqad, sugar free .. classier you know! Ha ha!

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Blackpool In Mid September

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