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Impossible To Check In On Ryanair

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KARL | 15:48 Thu 08th Nov 2018 | Travel
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As I type this I am on a chat line to Ryanair because I cannot check in. I cannot get past the stage where I select free c heck in which is supposed to be available now at 46 hours before the flight. I use Firefox in Ubuntu but the Ryanair agent insists it is known that only incognito on Google Chrome is reliable (else the system won't work) - is that not extraordinary ?

Anyway, went incognito on Google Chrome on another machine and ....... same result, cannot check in. I am waiting for the agent to come back and sort this.

Has anyone come up against this - what was the solution ?


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"what was the solution ?"

An alternative airline ;)

I'm sorry that's not helpful right now..

If you have a reserved seat you may need to wait logner than 2 days before to check in. Sometimes it's 2 hours.

My nan recently went to spain, and she was upset because she couldn't check in to her return flight before she left which was an issue because she didn't have a printer in spain to get her boarding pass. She ended up going to a desk i nthe airport and they checked her in and printed her pass
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Not helpful, you are correct. As I said, I am now in the time window when it is supposed to be possible. I have a Ryanair person on the line, although there is complete silence - Ryanair don't seem to know what works in their system it would appear.
what was the solution ?

they are doing you a favour in not allowing you to fly Ryanair
perhaps their computer doesnt speak Ubuntu
I was sure I'd read something about this last night and I've found it..

//system upgrade will take place for 12 hours, from 17:00hrs (UK time) on Wednesday 7th November, until 05:00hrs (UK time) on Thursday 8th November, during which time our online check-in service will not be available. //
Sorry, meant to say it seems like it might still be down.
Woah naomi.. now that IS helpful, bravo.
jesus the staff should know if the system is paralysed - ( for an upgrade to a far better service of course)
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Latest: The agent has entered
"I am afraid, our chat has been idle for more than 5 minutes. If there isn't anything else I can help you with, I'll need to disconnect this session due to inactivity. Thank you for contacting Ryanair and Have a great day."
Then there is:

Thobani has closed the chat.

Start the chat again

Brilliant !

Thank you Naomi, this does throw some light on things. Could it be that computer simply says no...............

//Ryanair's policy is to charge passengers an extra £55 if they need to check in at an airport, and the airline says all fees will stay in force.//

^That I think is absolutely appalling. Nothing less than extortion. Why anyone ever flies Ryanair if there is an alternative is beyond me.
And I think they are charging £50 if you still have no boarding card.
I hope you manage to sort it out, Karl - without being screwed for an extra £55. I hate Ryanair with a passion.
This is literally ryanair..

I saw this on the news last night. You won't be able to check in online for a certain period AND you will still have to pay the 55 quid. Appalling.

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Impossible To Check In On Ryanair

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