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Bag For Everyday Carry

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drobi619 | 03:32 Tue 03rd Oct 2023 | Travel
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I was looking at getting the bag in the link below and wondered if it could be used without a mat. I want to use it as my everyday bag for taking things I need for work to work. I work in a restaurant so I need some clothing/shoes and small things like a wallet.

Please let me know what you think.



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I don't like it and I can't see how it would be any more practical than a nice rucksack.

It may be that it is a shape that you like though.  

You will have to consider how heavy it will be with all your stuff in it.   I find that having a heavy bag on one shoulder can cause back pain.



hi wolfie

just on my way back to bed: woken mysteriously- in fact it was a neighbour making a noise. Other neighbours burgled recently

no I wdnt use this

Ideal if work involves spaghetti or pencils.

Or tent poles.

Perfect for carrying hiking poles! 

No.  Surely there are more better looking bags than this?!

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Bag For Everyday Carry

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