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Sunniest Place In The Uk To Live?

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bluefortress | 22:46 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | Travel
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This will sound naive but in where is the sunniest place in the UK to live? I know it has got to be somewhere down south but it it even that sunny really? 

I want to move, 

and need sun



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WMB  13,30 I know where it is .It's  a little place called "Maybennot" not far from the IoW.  lol.

We live 10 miles inland!!  The beaches for us are best in the winter.  

The South coast around Worthing, Bognor Regis is usually the sunniest part of the UK. Places on the Isle of Wight also do well

Abroad there are parts of Egypt which get 97% of all possible sun. Yuma and Phoenix in Arizona, USA also get very high amounts of sun

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Sunniest Place In The Uk To Live?

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