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Wow That Was Amazing!!

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piggynose | 10:53 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Travel
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My 1st helicopter flight! 

Has anybody else on here ever flew by chopper? 



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Hot air balloon, just once and what an experience. The Serengeti as dawn came up and with the animals on the move, a land-rover tracking us to pick us up and breakfast ready when we came down...

Flown in Wessex 5, Sea king and also an Anzac helicopter in a  side seat with lapbelt and doors taken off in the Sinai, quite frightening.

Courtesy of a Formula 1 racing team hospitality, we were helicoptered into Silverstone from a private car park.  

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Wow lots of different experiences! I think I will need to copy & paste most of the answers!

It wud be nice if other abers cud take part! Even just to say something.

Yeah flew over the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

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15.40  any chance of some details? Eg when, how it felt? Were you alone? Was it yr 1st time?etc...

Got my Good Lady her first helicopter flight as a Christmas present and she's really looking forward to it. It's in Snowdonia so should be quite spectacular.

She will however be doing it without me; I prefer terra firma.

I once flew in a Chinook. I was in the army at the time. The officer who was in charge of our section just happened to be friends with the Chinook pilot. Our officer knew that the Chinook would be landing near our base, because it was transporting infantrymen, so he arranged for 3 of us - plus himself - to have a flight in the Chinook. That was purely a joyride, and it must have cost the army a good sum of money!

Yes, four of us flew over Grand Canyon, even though a plane been in trouble there earlier in the day . We must have been mad! 

No but I'd like to I think.

I have been in a glider which was amazing, a very tranquil calming experience. I don't fancy hot air ballooning though, I'd be too terrified of the landing. 

Maydup, a hot-air balloon landing is quite soft and easy. (Been there, done that!) The pilot warns you to bend your knees just before you land, and that's it!

Yes over the Grand Canyon & Hoover dam, it was amazing

piggy: "...15.40  any chance of some details? Eg when, how it felt? Were you alone? Was it yr 1st time?etc..." - Me and 2 mates, flew from Vegas over the Grand canyon also the Hoover dam, it was great felt a bit nervous at first till I found out the guy did it 12 times a day!

...only time I've been in a Helicopter.

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3t wot gave me the brown underpants was the sight of that propeller!! I somehow thought I'd get decapitated.

No, but sounds scary

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Wow That Was Amazing!!

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