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Islander | 12:52 Fri 23rd Feb 2024 | Travel
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I am in an enviouble position to be able to afford a holiday this year and I like to travel abroad when ever I can. Now, prices this year have shot up all over Europe which may have been my first choice. I am now looking at a trip to Turkey. While Turkey seems to have a lot on offer, we are swamped with where to even begin to look , so can any A/B ers recommend any particular area ? The transfers from airport to hotel are putting us off of what might be a good place to visit. Anywhere to advoid would be appreciated too ! 



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Be careful which part you decide to travel to.

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Thanks for that Sharon.  


Olu Deniz is very nice.

Would recommend Montana Pine Hotel

Irrelevant of whether it's Turkey or not it would help if you expnded on what  type of holiday you want - hotel with a pool and/or beach resort, restaurants, shopping,nightlife or do you prefer to sightsee. Will you hire a car.  That would give you different location suggestions whichever country you choose.

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Hi Prudie, we would like a beach setting , no car hire, public transport, ( we have got very good at using foreign buses ) ! A good hotel, swiming, snorkelling, fishing, maybe gentle walks, and we love Greece. It has suddenly shot up in price and we are just browsing at the moment. No nightlife, maybe a little shopping. The actual view from th ehotel is important to himself. He loves waking up to the ocean ! 

Hi and sorry I've not been to Turkey myself, with luck other ABers might give you some more suggestions but I think you'll get a lot more help and advice by using the Tripadvisor forums (which I use all the time). It has far more 'traffic' and destination experts.


we have been to Icmeler twice small place but lovely ,you can  walk along the seafront to Marmaris or there' s a bus or boat ferry ,lots of good food places .

the only downside it's about 40 mins transfer from Dalaman airport .

For minimal transfer times, consider flying into Milas-Bodrum Airport and staying at Bodrum Resort, Gumbet ot Bitez, all of which are close by.

Jet2 fly to Milas-Bodrum Airport from Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds/Bradford, Liverpool, Stansted, Manchester and Newcastle.  (The airport is also served by TUI from Birmingham, Gatwick and Manchester, as well as by BA from Heathrow).

Click 'Launch map' here
and then click on where it shows '3'.

From there you can click on a resort name, leading you to a map which will then show you which hotels are right on the coast and with the best views, such as this one:

Bodrum itself has plenty to offer tourists:


Let's try to make that last link clickable:

. . . and again!


Finally (I hope!) . . .

a pity, that red-line area has some of Turkey's most interesting places. I hope the gypsy girl is safe

Depending on the time of year, the south coast can be very hot; places like Kuşadası and Bodrum aren't quite so stifling. They can be overwhelmed by cruise ships, though.

actually, you can do day trips to Greek islands from both those - Kuşadası to Samos and Bodrum to Kos; they're very close to shore.

Turkey is the best place to go to but beware you will be causght in the allure and will keep going back.

If you like "Brits abroad" places Marmaris and Kusadasi but plenty of other destinations.

Olu Deniz area is 50 mins from Dalaman and has it in buckets. History, beaches , scenery, nightlife if you want it, etc.


We bought a place there and loved it for 17 years and are still returning. Going in April and August this year.

Tiny Akropol is a very reliable travel agency. Take a look at the web site and see what is on offer in the region.



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Thank you al so very much for your answers ( especially Chris ) . I have some thinking to do ! 

and thx mjw ! I think I migh have a look

Been to Olu Deniz 4 times (before it got really popular). Big paragliding centre & with a new chairlift up the local mountain - Babadag. Maybe a bit too "touristy" for me now, but it's a great place & affordable.

yes davebro3... that chairlift up the mountain is amazing....and only £10. The views were awesome and watching the paragliders jump was pretty good too...

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