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10 Year Passport Rule

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Hymie | 08:14 Wed 27th Mar 2024 | Travel
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According to Simon Clader (The Independent’s travel correspondent) over 100,000 Brits could lose their holiday – another Brexit benefit.

Halleluiah, praise the Lord



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Hymie, will you please stop referring to people who voted for Brexit as stupid.  They're not.  They just don't want what you want.  I'm not 'suffering' - not in the least.

Question Author

Lord Deben said ‘If people were stupid enough to vote to leave the EU, then they had no right to complain about the consequences of that.’

Take a listen.



Hymie, he shouldn't be insulting people either.

PP it was on a long thread, removed yesterday

we sweat over our conts Prood, my ones from the tenth century are particularly troublesome to me - fears over mistakes in golden age Latin, wrong greek author, it wasnt the new testament but deutero-canon,

and up it goes in smoke, in a pigonehole, never to be read,mauled by a mod,

nothing remains - -  ah _ - - such is life !


if lord Heben were on AB, I sense he wdnt be on very long !

oh hymie you are just about to be suspended for a 

very stupid reason ! haw haw haw - free speech that is what I say, EVEN on AB !

PP - Hymie shouldn't be suspended - he should be banned, as should you!

Question Author

In the not too distant future, I’m going to be complaining bitterly that my posts criticising the incompetent/corrupt/dishonest Labour government are not being immediately deleted.

you don't need a passport,just ask all our "guests" in free hotels

Why hymie?  Your posts are rarely deleted now so why complain if they're not deleted in the future?  If the mods chose to apply the rules more strictly you might have something to complain about.  Be careful what you wish for.

Question Author

Because my posts criticising the incompetent/corrupt/dishonest Tory government are regularly deleted.

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10 Year Passport Rule

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