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Multimap USA

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jaydee101 | 13:24 Sun 18th Feb 2007 | Travel
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Does anyone know if there is a US version of Multimap (or similar) where I can get driving directions and distances between towns? I am going to be working in Texas for a couple of months and think the places I am going are too close together to fly but I can't find any site which gives me the info I need. Thanks JD


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Nice one Cheeky - Multimap let me down, but mapquest did the trick. Thanks for the quickanswer. JD
you have the answer already, but this one works for me -
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Nice one - All answers gratefully received. This one seems pretty good too. Thanks. JD
personally i'm a big fan of google maps ( - i think the interface is better than most map sites as you can just drag the map to move around rather than reloading the page every time you want to move.

and they've got the handy satellite photo option which can be useful too!

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Multimap USA

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