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Ryanair Rip off!

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DumBlonde | 19:54 Wed 10th Sep 2008 | Travel
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seriously - how do they get away with it???

everytime i fly with them they've invented a new charge or upped their last ones!!

i mean �4 per person per flight for booking by visa!? surely that's something along the same lines as banks overcharging fees?

and �8 to check in? it's ridiculous!!

there must be some kind of watchdog which can stop these companies ripping us off!!!!


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Ryanair's fares, even with the 'add ons', still generally work out far cheaper than those of most other airlines. So you're still getting a bargain.

As Ryanair always point out, most of the additional fees are avoidable. For example only 40% of their passengers take hold luggage or otherwise need to check in. The majority of passengers just take hand luggage and check in (for free) online. (On many of their Stansted-Dublin flights, not a single passenger will use the check-in facilities).

The card handling fee is a bit annoying but regular flyers simply apply for a Visa Electron card, which doesn't incur any booking charges.

Ryanair prices are still very cheap even with the extras. I have just picked a random flight to Dublin from Stanstead and the flight cost is free. How many other airlines are offering free flights!! With taxes and handling charges it is a total of �24 return - cheaper than a 30 mile taxi ride!!

You know what you are paying before you confirm the booking so they can hardly be ripping you off.
most airlines charge for bags and visa use vtoo
There is no pleasing some people! Ryanair is great - you only pay for the facilities you use. You pay �4 for using Visa because Ryanair have to pay a charge when you use Visa. They could spread the cost over all of their passengers, but that's not fair on those like Buenchico who use Electron. You pay �8 to check-in at the airport because Ryanair has to pay staff and pay for the facilities. Again, they could spread the cost over all their passengers but that's not fair on those who check-in on-line. I wish more service providers worked that way.
As has been pointed out, when you pay by credit card it actually costs a company money.

If you buy something (anything) by credit card the "bill" actually goes to the credit card company and they pay it.

They then pay the company who took the booking (like Ryanair) but they take off a percentage (about 3% I think)

So if you buy a �100 flight from Ryanair and pay by credit card then Ryanair only actually get about �97.

Surely you have come across this before?

Buying tickets for the theatre or a concert often incurs an extra cost if you pay buy credit card so Ryaniar are not the only company doing it.

Anyway, if you dont like it use another airline, there are plenty to choose from, but I bet you will find it hard to get one so cheap.

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Ryanair Rip off!

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