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Still no snow

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carlton23 | 09:01 Wed 06th Jan 2010 | Weather
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I`m absolutely fed up here in Bournemouth.


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.....which beats being housebound in Burnley any day of the week.
Come on, there's always swine flu to fall back on.
Same along the coast in Bexhill carlton

Kinda feel left out especially as my missus loves the stuff (silly cow)
We've got far more than we need here in Hertfordshire - can I send you both some??!!
Ooo Burnley, just up road from me! :-)

Weather here in Rossendale (Lancs) has been pretty bad, we've shedloads of snow, and now it's frozen solid...lovely!
FAO BOO It was you that made the snow lady with BOObs wasn't it ? it was fab. Island roads now open again but no schools or buses. OH has left to try to get to work. I shall put my boots on and walk 2 miles to Ma-in-Law to check she has more than enough food to last the war out.
Haha, yup Naomi, the snow woman is mine (she's no lady after what we did to her). And Ahhhh, so you're on one those folk who are shopping like they're laying in for a seige!

I work for my local co-op, and yesterday, on my day off, they rang me to go in as folk were queing round the corner panic buying stuff.
Nah I don't buy extra but Ma-in-Law tends to panic if she doesn't have a full stock cupboard . She worries a lot. I made a big pot of soup yest and a loaf so I am a happy bunny.

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