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storm brewing

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carmalee | 21:15 Thu 10th Jun 2010 | Weather
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am down on Romney Marsh and the trees are certainly treeing tonight - a right storm brewing - brilliant -I love storms, the bigger the better.


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It's been threatening to storm here in my part of Essex all afternoon.
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Not been too bad today but just in the last hour or so the wind has got up and it's brilliant - spent a lot of time in Africa and really love storms so am sorting out wellies plus a raincoat and umbrella for the dog to go out and enjoy the deluge.
"the trees are certainly treeing tonight"

Treeing? What do you mean by this?
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Just an expression to say they are whipping around. As in the birds are birding and the daffs are daffing? -not to be taken literally
Oh... alright then, thanks for explaining...
I cannot remember the last time we had a good storm.My Dad used to say living on a peninsula meant we never got them that bad....hang on,I remember one about 15 years ago,went on for over an hour and the lightening was striking every second-amazing
Someone suggested this website earlier:

Just in case you're interested.....
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I've lived in Africa for many years and can remember one time a ferocious storm that broke at about 2am - it was just incredible - we were all going to die - the dogs and I succumed to our fate and sat on the stoep (verandha) and watched the lightning striking all around us - what an experience - the clouds here are doing their best to threaten - fingers crossed
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have availed the dog with wellies - we will venture forth - good night.
And that's the last anyone saw of them

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storm brewing

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