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Does Anyone Here Give Their Dog Yumove Tablets?

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ladybirder | 13:53 Sat 07th Oct 2023 | Pets
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If so, do you do it before or after meals?  I can't find any destructions on the packet;=). Cheers.



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I used to give it to Sally. IIRC I put it in her food.

No.  What is it?

It's for joints. Helped my old girl for a while.

Yes, before 1st food of the day .

Oh ok.  Thanks pasta.

With a name like that it should be a laxative 😀😀😀😀😀😀

Yes both Colin and Jess get it in the evening after their meal and they think they are treats.

I thought the same Canary.  I was considering buying some for myself.  Being mainly  off my feet now isn't good for one's digestion !!

Question Author

Thanks everyone.  

Pasta if I put it in his food he would not eat it.  I tried.  

AA how I wish mine would do that.  

Because they are quite big for a little dog they have to be split in half so that's twice the struggle.  My neighbour, Jay's friend, had to roll around on the floor with him last night trying to get him to take one half wrapped in a small slice of ham.  This was after everything else had failed.  He had to force it in and then hold his mouth closed and stroke his throat.  Eventually Hurrah, done it.

A few seconds later, half a tablet appears on the carpet.  Jay 1 vs Us 0.

We give our dog something similar called Medivet Move, two tablets broken into four put into his food in the morning. He won't take them as a whole tablet, just spits them out.


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Oh forgot.  He has Pancreatitis so shouldn't really have ham but he loves it that's why I used it.

Can they be crushed so they mix into his food?

C&J didn't like them in their food so the best said give them a small treat then given them a tablet afterwards, now they think of these as their after dinner treats and sit waiting for them

Question Author

Lucky you RH.  Unfortunately he is a contrarian, nearly always does the opposite of what you want him to do.  But he's gorgeous.  Out for a walk in the park today a little toddler ran straight up to him and kissed him on the forehead.

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RH do you pop them into their food bowl or straight into their mouths?

Awwwh how sweet if not a little naughty as children should be taught not to approach dogs so casually.

you can get a powder from proplan and I believe you move now also do a liquid.

I hold them out and they take them like a biscuit 

Smear/ dip the pill in jam, peanut butter anything tempting then offer it to him ?

LB, have you tried squashing them into a piece of cheese?

Question Author

Yes N, he's clever.  He ate the cheese and left the pill untouched.

Vagus thanks, J won't eat his food if there's anything else in it.  He even threw all the small pieces of carrot out one time this week.  Still didn't eat the chicken!!  The foxes around here get very well fed.

AA thank you but he wouldn't touch jam.  He does like peanut butter but he shouldn't have it as it is really bad for him.  I guess if it was once in a while it would be OK but this is going to be every day for the rest of his life.


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Does Anyone Here Give Their Dog Yumove Tablets?

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