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Does Anyone Here Give Their Dog Yumove Tablets?

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ladybirder | 13:53 Sat 07th Oct 2023 | Pets
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If so, do you do it before or after meals?  I can't find any destructions on the packet;=). Cheers.



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I used Dairylea triangles to hide pills intended for my pets, would that help?

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N just remember he shouldn't have cheese either.  Chicken breasts boiled in water is about his lot.

Here's a list of what Pancreatic dogs can have as well as their Gastro-Intestinal Low Fat hard food.

Boiled, skinless chicken breast.


Cooked potatoes or sweet potatoes (with skins removed to reduce fiber)

Low-fat cottage cheese.

Boiled, skinless turkey or low-fat ground beef.

Cooked broccoli and cauliflower.

Cooked winter squash.

Egg whites

The only things he'll eat out of that lot are chicken and ground beef.  Very occasionally give him a dog treat which he shouldn't really have.  If you've never seen a dog have an attack of Pancreatitis you would be horrified and in tears, it's awful, they are in absolute agony.  J threw himself around from room to room screaming and then sick 14 times on the tiled bathroom floor.  3pm in the morning off to the only vet open.


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I don't think it would Ferlew and I wouldn't dare risk it.

I cn see why LB, after reading your previous post :(


Are you using the hard chalky tablet? Do you know they have softer sticky ones so more like a treat

How come these supplements are clinically proven to work for dogs but nothing is clinically proven to work for people with joint problems?

is there anything on the list he particularly likes LB. At one time we made low fat chicken/ turkey mince burgers roasted in the oven (cooked on grease proof paper without any cooking fat) to tempt our fussy big b---. would anything along those lines help?

I tried spreading marmite on them, he just sucked the marmite off and spat the tablet out, same with cheese.

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No RH I didn't know you can get softer sticky ones.  I'll have a look, thanks.

Rosetta sounds like giving your recipe is worth a try as well.  Thank you.

Vagus I just found this article on marmite.


That's interesting LB. Fortunately the only time he had marmite was a small smear of it on the tablets,which didn't work.

He gets little or no human food, he's a puker and so many things make him sick we've learned from experience not to give him anything (apart from a tiny bit of cheese if it 'falls' on the floor, the same with a tiny bit of the end of a sausage).

I hope you manage to get the pills into your dog successfully.

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Does Anyone Here Give Their Dog Yumove Tablets?

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