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Another New Balcony Bird

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rowanwitch | 15:02 Fri 17th Nov 2023 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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Able to add mutually to my balcony list, had a pair arrive at the feeders today.  Never seen them in the local area in the 12 years I have lived here.  Absolutely delighted as they were a great favourite of Redman. We used to watch them in Halesowen cemetry stealing peanuts from the squirrels.



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Nuthatch bloody autocorrect... 

They are beautiful birds, very lucky to see them so close

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Very close I was about 2' away 

Aren't they beautiful, Rowan? Two of them 'adopted' us about 3 months ago, quickly learned how to use the birdfeeder and now are one of our most regular visitors. One feeds the right way up and the other feeds upside down - quite comical.

Roll on the spring, you never know there could be plenty of young 'uns.

^^^ Yes, our feeder is about 3' from our kitchen window.

Have a nest in my pool house


How lovely, lucky you Rowan.  

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The woodpecker has been around most of today along with a steady stream of tits

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Feeders already busy this morning, I know it's got colder as the robin was here early, just at first light.

Lovely, I wonder if they have a hoard of nuts nearby?

you are so lucky we just get wood pigeons and loads of starlings x

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Another New Balcony Bird

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