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melv16 | 13:17 Sun 26th Nov 2023 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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We've got them😁

I'll go and see them this week. 



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Definitely early in good numbers, hopefully they will get to Birmingham soon

Hope you do see them, melv, I was really, really excited when we saw them a few years ago. You ever quite get over that first sighting.... 😁

Masses of sightings being reported almost nationwide,  not far from me in Quinton yesterday,  if there is an update might go hunting them tomorrow

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They're very flighty,  rowan. 100 one day then 0 the next day.

Lots of rowan trees near me so I will  just wait for them to arrive, Quinton is just the other side of a very large park so they should move in my direction..

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Yaayyy. Got about 300 at Hassop Station  Derbyshire. I'll be uploading a video on the waxwings Facebook site this afternoon. They're really tame and got within 8' of them feeding.

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