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Poll results still on

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Dom Tuk | 18:02 Fri 22nd Apr 2005 | Site Suggestions
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Why is the current poll result about office hours spent on internet still on the site. Its been a while and the numbers are not changing. take it off please its annoying.


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Your moaning did the trick dom tuk.You wore the Ed down.
and now you have the chance to compare your wife and a fridge. I hope you're satisfied.
jno I'm sure that in some households they may be one and the same........
Question Author
I have never called her a fridge before but if you dont see me on this site again please notify the police....we have a partially dug up patio.
I was wondering when it was going to change & it just has, so well done Dom!
I most value my Loved Ones - of course!
The poll should have a report button, your loved ones or the bath?
The bath!

computer's beating loved ones...

i worry about some of you people

I voted for 'loved ones' of course.

I could live without a computer - I did before I started using them back in 1985.

smudge you were using computers before i was born!

Hi magicdice - In 1985, I had been at my job for 11 years, when I suggested to my boss it was about time we went computerised! I'd never used a computer before, but took the bull by the horns & got into setting & loading them up. Before long, we had them in every office on a network system & it was fantastic - although we never had such things as AB or e-mailing back then!

Also, by the latter end of 1985, I was a mere 38 years old, had been married 21 years, with two daughters aged 20 & 17! 

Oh - I was replying to 'your post' magicdice, but it's disappeared now! AB Ed you might as well delete mine too!

that's so cool! congratulations, your Maria's Cool Rating has just gone up by a good few points

getting married and having kids anytime in the next year or so sounds pretty daunting... damn unlikely too!

How odd magicdice - your 'smudge you were using computers before I was born' post, has reappeared!

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