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Ba Of Ba (Being Advised Of Best Answer)

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HansUrbancka | 18:12 Sat 24th Feb 2018 | Site Suggestions
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I feel sure it would be a simple matter for Answerbank to inform recipients of 'Best Answer' that they have been awarded such.

Today I was awarded a BA but could have been unaware that such was the case in the following thread ;-

It is my opinion that Clicking of 'Best Answer' should be regarded as a response to the original posting and all ABers who are 'Threaded ' should be sent the normal feed back e/mail.

As a point of interest, recently,I was awarded a BA in the following thread but only today have become aware of it ;-



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Hansard you nine years old? Such stuff really should be of no consequence to an adult.

As has been pointed out looking at you profile will give you everything you need to polish your halo.
^ there's a Best Answer right there...
Half the fun of clicking on my profile is realising I have a new best answer. I really don't want any emails telling me.
I've been here 11 years and have just looked and am surprised to see I have 43 best answers. Well chuffed.
I really can't believe how these things matter to some people, do they do comparisons and league tables??
Just looked at mine for the first time as I had no idea I could. 134 for 9 year's membership - must pull my socks up!
I check my profile frequently, so that I can see if there's any response to my posts. (e.g. the person who started the thread might be seeking clarification of something I've written). I'll usually note my current BA score at the same time. If it's gone up, but I don't know why, clicking on 'Best' lets me know where an additional BA has come from.

So getting emails about BAs wouldn't provide me with any information that I don't get already.
>>> 134 for 9 year's membership - must pull my socks up!

It might take you a little while to catch up with Danny, Maggie ;-)
on rare occasions i've seen ba given to incorrect answers but after intense therapy i've stopped worrying about it

'Gamification' of social media websites has been the current trend for a few years.

Usually there is some kind of privilege or reward that comes with a certain number of posts, or a certain number of 'premium' posts, or other 'achievements'.

This site does not appear to have developed a gamification strategy, as it has no rewards (no matter how simple) for either the number of contributions, or the quality of them.

Yet the site keeps a count of the contributions in the form of both questions and answers, as well as the quality of contributions through the 'best answer' scheme.

Have to say, I don't really understand the thinking behind the site's efforts to keep users who offer good answers, and those who make many positive contributions.

But maybe that's a question for the Ed....

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Ba Of Ba (Being Advised Of Best Answer)

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