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Canary42 | 20:23 Sun 15th Jan 2023 | Site Suggestions
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Would it be too much too ask that deleted posts include a reason. One possibility could be taken from the reasons listing in the report mechanism, i.e.

1 Abusive content
2 Profane content
3 Pure stupidity
4 Racist content
5 Spam content
6 Other

I realise this may appear a rather bizarre curiosity since most folk won't have seen the offensive text, but I'm asking for a friend (who is possibility interested in carrying out a statistical analysis)!


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Why are you still here then, gromit?
@20.35.So we wont be seeing you again after tonight Gromit?Watch the door doesnt slap you on your *** on the way out.Bye.
The ABer with the weakest bladder claims to be in Scotland.
I’ll be glad to see the back of you ynnafymmi and your very boring posts about the SNP.
^^ BA
Still here Gromit?As i said,Bye....
Surely need to add "Potential libel" to that list, as that seems to get the trigger finger a twitching.
Archi... do mods get legal training?
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Just, fwiw, canary's list in the OP, is pretty much what the reports offer... don't get me wrong- I am British too, and love inappropriate humour.
But "pure stupidity" would leave no posts at all on the site. The others are so unspecific that they could easily be argued with.
Maybe a poll would be useful here, but...
1- spam and ads
2- illegal posts (racist, homophones etc)
3- attack on Aber, rather than post

Anything else needed?
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Homophobic... homophones are probably OK:-)
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Pixie… I don’t know anything about the mods, I was commenting because this reason for deletion appears to be ‘a thing’ on this site that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Hence it not being in the standard list in the OP. Maybe could just categorise them as: 6 Other.
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gness, I think you may be misidentifying the weak-bladdered one: he just adopted the term as a matter of derision of one who has long used it and ... let's say comes from the deep south (and is still here).
pixiee, I've occasionally reported posts that might have libel lawyers licking their lips - for instance from people who think that a list of police allegations in the Mail must mean the accused is guilty before a trial has even begun. I don't know if they have a special libel jail for gnomes, but I'd rather the Ed was safely in AB Towers.
Can any of the Mods or Eds on this site explain to me why the Carole Bayer Sager song was removed?It was a loving gift from me and 3T to Gromit,who has now left this site.

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