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Canary42 | 20:23 Sun 15th Jan 2023 | Site Suggestions
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Would it be too much too ask that deleted posts include a reason. One possibility could be taken from the reasons listing in the report mechanism, i.e.

1 Abusive content
2 Profane content
3 Pure stupidity
4 Racist content
5 Spam content
6 Other

I realise this may appear a rather bizarre curiosity since most folk won't have seen the offensive text, but I'm asking for a friend (who is possibility interested in carrying out a statistical analysis)!


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I could well be getting the weak bladdered ones mixed up, Jno.
There was a time when so many of the men on the site were wetting themselves it's easily done.
.....and bye bye baby!
Loving gift? ***.
TTT, Ynnafymmi perhaps can't help it....but could you not grow up a bit? first!
It was a loving leaving gift to Gromit,Gness.We wont be hearing from Gromit ever,ever again.Didnt you think it was a nice leaving gift?
Jno, I don't understand... why would a copy of a news report, be libellous here? Or even a poster's opinion?
They would have to prove that serious harm has been done...
"A statement will only be defamation in nature if it causes or is likely to cause serious harm to the individual referred to. So an opinion made in free speech may be distasteful or even false but might not be considered defamatory if no serious harm is done. On the flip side, trying to make a fact appear to be an opinion would not protect someone from a legal case."

I'm not a lawyer, but I'm not sure how many mods are, either.
Can any of the Mods or Eds on this site explain to me why the Carole Bayer Sager song was removed?It was a loving gift from me and 3T to Gromit,who has now left this site.


‘Other’ covers the rest.
PIXIE, I think the important bit of your quoted extract is, "might not be considered defamatory" since that must mean it might be considered defamatory.

If something has the potential of being libellous, why take the risk by not deleting it?
Pixie, people here don’t have the time or the inclination to test their suspicions in court before removing a dodgy answer. Let’s not get bogged down in pedantic formality.
TCL, likelihood, I would say. I was literally just wondering that- and this would never happen, if the rules were actually thought about...
But I wonder what percentage of mods would delete a post, if "in doubt", and how many would leave it, if "in doubt". We would obviously all prefer it to be left- but with no actual guidelines or reasons required... it goes without saying- that all mods are likely to make different decisions- and that all posters are likely to wonder, ask and derail.

I personally have no issues with mods or moderation here- except that it is obviously so irrational, as there is it each to their own.
What is a "dodgy" answer, naomi? And which mod is qualified to even decide?
@22.53.Yes Gromit said he was leaving this site and as a farewell present to him i put up this song for him.(or 3T put up this song for him on my behalf).Gromit has now left this site for evermore.No more words of wisdom from Gromit im afraid to say.Its a case of bye,bye,Gromit,old chum,bye,bye.
Btw- you have fully changed your tune, from "all mods are power-mad egotists" ... lol
Something potentially libellous, pixie. Qualification not necessary to catch on to that. The common sense to err on the side of caution will do.
Pixie, I’ve never said that.
Yes, I was just thinking to myself that naomi was slipping into the mod way very easily, Pix.
You were Roy? Why?

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