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Canary42 | 20:23 Sun 15th Jan 2023 | Site Suggestions
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Would it be too much too ask that deleted posts include a reason. One possibility could be taken from the reasons listing in the report mechanism, i.e.

1 Abusive content
2 Profane content
3 Pure stupidity
4 Racist content
5 Spam content
6 Other

I realise this may appear a rather bizarre curiosity since most folk won't have seen the offensive text, but I'm asking for a friend (who is possibility interested in carrying out a statistical analysis)!


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Question Author
We only need three to be honest
A) spam
C) troll
also legal and abusive?
and people bursting out laughing without explanation...
Question Author
Nice and succinct Rowan :-)
Would that not be a very long reason, Jno? ;-)
Fat chance of that,Canary.Im not actually sure if there are any Mods or Editors on this site any more.If there are they must just pop in now and again and sporadically.
I just saw, make that 2... mods. And it's a Sunday evening! We are blessed...or something ;)
Canary - One of the reasons why deleted threads and posts are not permitted discussion is because they simply provoke endless tail-spinning rows which go nowhere and cause bad feeling.

Identifying a reason for a deletion simply opens floodgates to everyone who wants to dispute the reason offered, so it would serve no useful purpose.
I have suggested that a couple of times, canary... just the number of the "rule broken" would work, and keep everyone happy. Although, those may need to be reworded, so it is never just "interpretation ".
Question Author
Fair point Andy, but conversely might it not just restrict the floodgates instead, since much of the "flood" is speculation.
Yes,but it took me about three weeks before i got"daveinscotland"suspended(and that was after getting all sorts of threats against me).And he still is only suspended,not banned.If i merely post the most innoccuous of things they get taken down there and then.Nah,no faith in the Mods or Eds on this site.
Not all the Mods are known. If an anonymous Mod deleted a post and had no pseudonym, he or she would not post a reason for that deletion.
Sometime people are asking for advice on a serious matter. If they go through the answers given and spot an answer has been removed they will have no idea why. This might upset them.

Surely indication that it was Spam would help.

The word Troll is overused.
Canary - // Fair point Andy, but conversely might it not just restrict the floodgates instead, since much of the "flood" is speculation. //

Experience - over a very long time - has demonstrated to successive Editors, that discouraging pointless arguments about deletions helps the site run more smoothly.

No system is perfect, I think they continue with the one that has served them best, and continues to do so.
A lot of posters seem to PMSL for no or little reason.
I think a move to Scotland has stopped that, Gromit. Perhaps better medical treatment?
The site is broke and abandoned. Don’t renew the domain name and close it rather than let it whimper out in neglect.
Put the thing out of its misery.
"a move to Scotland",why so?The nut-jobs we have up here in Scotland running the country are no more or less nut-jobs than they are down in England running the country.

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