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Eve | 09:13 Sun 30th Oct 2016 | Health & Fitness
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I'm on this 100mg twice a day as a second course of antibiotics (to Amoxycillin) and steroids for a nasty chest infection which has also aggravated my asthma. The third weekend of it now and being a pain to shift.

I have 6 left to take after this morning's dos. I woke up with a really nasty sharp pain in my upper tummy area this morning. It settled a bit after going to the loo but is still very niggly.

Could this be the Doxycycline irritating things? I had an ulcer before (the pain this morning was similar) but over 10 years ago. I have acid issues and am on 40mg Omeprazole a day.

If so, is there anything I can do to try and settle it, I've read you shouldn't take indigestion remedies around the same time (wasn't told not to take my Omeprazole so assume that's fine), but will Gaviscon help if I use it a certain time after/before the antibiotics, first and last thing so it doesn't affect the use of the antibiotics?


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You need antibiotics and steroids for your chest infection.
From what i gather the antibiotics are doing the trick so you should continue taking them.
The stomach pain predominates and needs consideration and it may or may not be due to the antibiotics which you need.
Assuming the pain is due to "gastric irritation" and you are taking Omeprazole. then i would not hesitate to take Gaviscon as well.
Question Author
Thanks Sqad, much appreciated as always. I will get on the Gaviscon.

Really hoping I can shift this soon as need to get back on my RA injections I've had to stop while poorly. Am much better than I was though at least.

I'll give the steroids something though, as well as really helping my chest, I am not feeling the cooler weather, I'm boiling! They are amazing things though.

Thanks again.
Eve I too have RA and have just finished my antibiotics for nasty chest infection horrible isn't it felt really poorly. I also had to stop my medication for RA? May I ask what injections you have for it? Is it a weekly or fortnightly one. I have methotrexate sulphasalazine and hydroxychloroquine. Dr said methotrexate can cause a nasty chest infection I have taken it for years would now like to stop. Your views also sqad please.
Hi! Gigsie.
As this is not my area of expertise, i would imagine that you know more about R.A than i do, so please take this into consideration when you read my post.
The object of treatment is to try and halt or maybe reverse the X-Ray appearances of the disease and more importantly to relive pain.
I will not go into the drugs that will achieve this, as i am sure that you are well versed in this issue.
Methotrexate, certainly is not the first drug of choice in the initial phase, but most studies have shown that with or without NSAIDs it plays a valuable part in slowing daown the disease and of relieving pain. I would go as far as saying that it is the drug of choice when pain is resistant to other forms of treatment.
Yes, there is a downside to Methotrexate,as it may affect the liver and certainly the lungs, but these are extremely rare side effects and balanced against the pain relief, are well worth taking.

If I have missed the point of your query, please let me know.
Question Author
It is horrible Giggsy, this one isn't going down without a fight! Hope you are feeling better now. I'm not right but much better than I was. I got an awful chest infection while I was on Methotrexate, took weeks to clear, worse than this one.

I'm on Enbrel weekly injections at the moment. Have been on Sulfasalazine, Hydroxychloroquine, Methotrexate tablets then injections and Tocilizumab infusions previously. Methotrexate caused my liver enzymes to go a bit crazy and I got some hair loss with it too so off that, for now at least. Toci was great but that sent my liver enzymes crazy too. I seem to have a very twitchy liver and kidneys.

Had to stop anti-inflammatories too as they were affecting my kidney function which isn't great. Sorry Sqad, no Ibuprofen for me any more :( I have fluid in my feet and up to my knees and that has not gone but has improved, whether connected or not, which is good.

I am trying a different tack with the Doxycycline tonight. Thought things had settled yesterday but then woke up in agony about half 2 this morning with upper tummy pain, hardly slept after and it was still very niggly getting up for work a couple of hours later and for a while after that.

Have taken it early tonight so I get a break sat up (read it's better not to lie down after taking it!) before I can take a nice swig of Gaviscon before I go to bed and hope for the best. Only a few days left of it now.
Thanks sqad for reply. Yes maybe I should go back on my methotrexate but that chest infection scared me when they said could have been caused by it.
Eve hope you are feeling better too. This has taken me awhile this infection like you I got another antibiotic on top of another. Second one made a difference in a day. I was so weak after a few days of it. I have not started my methotrexate yet nor do I want to. May wait until I see my RA dr first. My brother landed in hospital when taking methotrexate he has now been offered an injection. Will see how he gets on may well ask about it myself. Take care.
Question Author
I've had so many infections whilst being on the meds, from chest infections, water infections, cellulitis a few times, Shingles twice, abscesses (though I have another condition linked to them).

They are a pain, especially the ones when you feel so poorly, but overall I figure it's a balance and trade off to stop the RA running riot and the damage that that can cause. I try to weigh things up, as horrible as an infection is at the time, it's easier to recover from than say joint replacement surgeries and such or irreversible damage to joints and organs, let alone the additional pain and associated difficulties with it.

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