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Health, Relating To T1 Diabetes

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lynbrown | 18:24 Sat 06th May 2023 | Health & Fitness
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Dear all, i was diagnosed T2 twenty years ago and just six months ago, i was re-diagnosed as Type 1. I no longer take Metformin and this has eased some stomach and nausea problems.

But the biggest problem is the way my glucose readings have shot up. Im about 10 when I waken, I have tea and toast, and by 11am my readings are in the high twenties. I am going to see if any of my other meds could cause this high result. I spoke to doctos and nurses (lots) to try to find an answer, but no luck. Anyone had similar problem? TIA



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How is your Type 1 being managed?
So which is it Type 1 or Type 2?
I assume that you are taking something for your diabetes.
i don't understand your situation.
I was in a similar situation type 2 developing to type 1. I have been taking dulaglutide jabs, self administered once per week. this has got my lmol down 6 or 7 . side effects serious constipation, and load of appetite , but worth putting up with that . ask your gp about getting these jabs , see if /she thinks they are suitable for you
should read: side effects are serious constipation, and loss of appetite, finger trouble again
Do they not prescribe insulin anymore for type1?
Yes they do, but it depends on how much your body makes,
E.g. none at all = insulin
Some but not enough describes a range which has a range of treatments
I just don't understand how one type of diabetes can develop into another as each type has a different cause.
I do understand however how you can have both types at the same time.
My input into this thread is finished, as I feel one could easily get into trouble.
Indeed sqad.
Maybe people who are interested should look at diabetes UK website where it’s all explained in simple terms.
Explanations, medical, research, and diet information, and a forum available here...
Well aware of that website , it’s where I get my information from , that and my gp. I Don’t think I will be responding to diabetes questions any more though.

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Health, Relating To T1 Diabetes

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