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midagetrolop | 12:28 Sun 11th Feb 2018 | Body & Soul
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Just a quick update, had a pacemaker fitted last week all ok up to now, still waiting for second procedure in 4-6 weeks to sort out the AV node, but no episodes of fast heart rate since, keeping fingers crossed. Hope you are ok. It's snowing here in Yorkshire!


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glad to hear you are feeling better, long may it continue!
I've known a few people have pacemakers and it seems to literally have given them a new lease of life. None of them have had any problems with them. I hope it works just as well for you xx
Thanks for the feedback........will you need the 2nd procedure?
I should ask that if the pacemaker is working do I need my A-V node zapping.
Well played.
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Thanks all. Been ok for a couple of weeks, beats going to A & E every week for an adenosine injection. Cardiologist fitted pacemaker first to try and stop it, said he was hopeful but it could still go into SVT and I would have to go to A&E. Keeping fingers crossed and if everything goes ok will ask when I see him in 3 weeks. Sleeping better, every episode happened in the middle of night when I was resting, odd! Will keep you posted and thanks again. June

jesus doctors will scribble about anything and here is something about sleep induced dysrhythmias

Did George III say - "scribble scribble scribble doctor ?"
No he said: scribble scribble scribble Mr Gibbon, another damned large volume to read...."
after Gibbon came to the palace to present his laest volume of the Fall of the Roman Empire
Question Author
George III was in need of psychiatry I think you may be!!!

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