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Cream To Fade Age Spots On Hands

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chanel5 | 19:15 Mon 19th Mar 2018 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone recommend an effective cream to fade age spots on the back of the hand? There are quite a few creams on the market, and some have good reviews on Amazon. Can anyone on AB recommend anything? Many thanks in advance for any answers.


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I don't believe there is a cream that will fade the age spots. The only thing I would recommend, something I have always done and have very few brown marks on my hands and face even at my age, is always to wear sun protection. Use it from now on so you don't get any more.
Well I heard long ago that this works, Chanel.......if you can stand the feel of castor oil on your hands.....I couldn't..... :-)

don't know if it works but i heard lemon juice can reduce the look of them x
There used to be a product called Fade Out which was meant to do what you are looking for. I don't know if it's still available, or how effective it is.
I think they look quite nice, you've earned them, wear them with pride.
There are plenty of skin-bleaching treatments which you will find on sale in areas where lots of people of indian and pakistani origin live. Such as Leicester or Birmingham. Some ladies want paler skins, and are prepared to treat themselves, even though not all of the creams are reckoned to be safe.
That's a lovely comment Khandro.
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I love Khandro's comment, but thanks also to everyone who took the time to reply. I had heard about lemon juice, but didn't know about the castor oil trick. I only have two small brown spots on my right hand so maybe I'll try some of the suggestions on here - if they don't work, I will take Khandro's advice.

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Cream To Fade Age Spots On Hands

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