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My Toe Is Randomly Numb

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tinkerbell23 | 21:30 Wed 12th Sep 2018 | Body & Soul
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My big toe has went numb out of the blue!

No injury or previous injury, I havent been sitting on it etc- i can feel the sole of my foot/toe its the skin from my joint to the nail bed that is numb? I can feel the tip.

I dont have any numbness elsewhere but i have a slight sensation on the outside of my foot and up my calf!

Any ideas? No significant medical history x


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Hi Tinker
but for some more info which leg was the big toe that went numb. Only guessing but could it be gout?
Not at all suggesting you are overweight but this is what NHS says ~ I had a boss who suffered and described symptoms similar to yours
Only a suggestion as to maybe whats up
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Hi Tinks, long while no speak - probably nothing much - keep an eye on it for a while then either see someone at work or pop to GP - sure it's nothing to worry about.

Hope all is well otherwise.x
You might have had cramp in your calf in the night and the numbness in your toe is a "referred" condition.

It doesn't sound like anything to worry about, just keep flexing / rotating your feet and wiggling your toes to encourage blood flow.

And take no notice of the contemptible comment at 01:29.
Darcey....bang out of order!!

Hi tinks xx what CG said...Hope all is well...always nice to see you :o)
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Tinks is a fully qualified and experienced nurse..not given to histrionics.... Out of order !
Do you have anything remotely useful or helpful to contribute to this thread, Jordy?
Rarely does ;-)
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Reported for sheer stupidity crass behaviour and ruining yet another innocent thread
I'll take that as a no then...
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Check your shoes ... if the end of the toe is hitting the end of it every time you walk you may have a minor percussion injury due to repeated impact. If it is intermittent it might help you pin it down to which pair is to blame.
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Someones pain can't be compared to anothers!!!
Since tinks spends all day on her feet and lifting patients etc her feet are very important ...many people's well being is dependent on her being up to her job.. easy to be dismissive ...unless you happen to be one of those patients in need
Nurses are famous for their ability to fret over little things. We see everyday the little things that were ignored and became serious conditions. You don't want to bother your doctor with everything so checking stuff out on a safe site helps.

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My Toe Is Randomly Numb

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