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Dentist Appointment

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jw47 | 16:22 Wed 30th Dec 2020 | Body & Soul
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I am in Tier 4 and am classed as Clinically Extremally Vulnerable. Is it advisable to attend a routine dentist appointment


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I am as above except we are tier 3. I had to go to the dentist before Xmas with a very sore tooth. I was impressed with the level of covid security measures, I was examined in a room with all windows open for example, all staff had full protective gear on. I have to go back for a crown fitting on the 11th January. I have no qualms about going at all, much safer than going into Sainsbury's in my opinion!
The advice for ecv in tier 4 is thus:
you should stay at home as much as possible but are encouraged to go outdoors carefully to exercise or to attand health appointments
If it was for an entirely routine checkup (no pain, no work needed) then I'd probably postpone - but I'd also be happy to go to my dentist if I did have problems - his Covid security was good.
I chose not to attend my bi-annual checkup for those reasons. Unfortunately, I had cracked a tooth, which would have been picked up at the check-up. It has now degraded so much I need a Crown -the tooth would probably have been saved if I'd gone to the check up.

You have answered your question in your statement:

Tier4..clinically extremely vulnerable....routine.

Stay around home.
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Thanks everyone for your opinions. As I am not in pain etc, might leave it for a few months
thx that reminds me
Dentist Jan 13
yes I regard dental hygience as ++ impt in the very vulnerable
When we were in tier 3, my dentist was only seeing patients with tooth ache, no routine check ups and not taking on new patients. Although I had lost a filling, it wasn't considered enough of an emergency. Now we are in tier 4, I think it will be even more difficult to get an appointment. Are the dentist in tier 4 going to be open?
If it's just routine, I wouldn't bother with it. I'm overdue for my next dental check-up anyway - by about 50 years!

Surely it would be best for everyone if you made another appointment when, hopefully, Covid is defeated. It's just a routine appointment.

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Dentist Appointment

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