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Covid Contact

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eve1974 | 19:07 Sat 09th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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So confused.

I came into direct contact with someone who is positive. (It was thru work and was we were together outdoors all day Monday)

I looked on nhs site and to me it’s seems I don’t need to be tested.... o don’t have a temp, cough, taste / smell ok. But what do I do? I’m genuinely confused? Do I have to isolate? Or get tested?


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Test n trace may tell you to isolate.
Anyway its sensible to isolate in the circumstance's starting now!
Question Author
And before anyone says we shouldn’t have been together... it was work and.... we are allowed as it is a role where it is imposs to work from home etc
You must isolate, as you have done and get tested if you have symptoms.
If you don't have symptoms then there is no need for testing.
My work would have told you to isolate for 10 days and only get a test if symptoms develop (no-one has to download the track and trace so that's not foolproof).
As I read it, unless you develop symptoms (or are contacted by NHS Test and Trace), you don't need to do anything:
Would it be difficult for you to get tested, is there somewhere near where you live, or could you get the test kit?
The reason I'm asking is because I know of a young man in his 20's who spent an afternoon with his Aunty. The Aunt got the Covid, and although the young man had no symptoms at all, he went to get tested and he too was positive. I suppose you could do either really, it would depend on whether you wanted to know for sure.
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Bob ty.

It wasn’t thru test n trace. The person who is positive just phoned.

Does this mean I ought to call test n trace to ask?

Looking at the nhs website I don’t think I am eligible fir a test (no symptoms) ...,

I would like to be tested just in case.... but .... if I do the check list on the site Im not eligible
i would feel inclined to say you had symptoms
While it might be sensible for Eve to self-isolate anyway, the actual advice given on the NHS website is that self-isolation is only required if the positive contact is a family member, if they're within a support bubble or NHS Test and Trace make contact. Otherwise the advice is simply as follows:
"If you think you've been in contact with someone who has coronavirus, but you do not have symptoms and have not been told to self-isolate, continue to follow social distancing advice"

(See my link above)
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Thank you everyone who answered!

Well I am going for a test tomo. I doubt very much that I have it but ... as husb is in the vulnerable category I will be going anyway.

Hope it’s negative as today is been to the optician and supermarket
Question Author
I feel totally healthy btw - other than a scratchy throat and itchy eyes (began yday) but i put that down to allergies...
Please stay at home keep out of the supermarket until you have isolated for 10days. You might feel fine, although the throat and eyes isnt exactly nothing! But you are probably a carrier and passing it on to others.
Question Author
I had been to the supermarket / optician before I got the call.

If I hadve known i wld not have gone anywhere.

I won’t be going anywhere now obv

Question Author
Thing is that the itchy eyes scratchy throat I would not have given much thought (I often get hay fever type symptoms - in any season!)

It’s only now that I’m second guessing thinking ... “is it or isn’t it?!”
Oh good, take care Eve.
I would do what bednobs suggested. My son’s partner tested positive and they both went into, lockdown. I had seen my son a few days before so he begged me to get tested.

I logged on to the website and put in that I had a change in my taste and smell. I got a test the next day and luckily it came back, negative.

It made me feel , easier.
Question Author
well I had the test and its neg (as I suspected it wld be). Im glad I had the test tho because id hated to have been asymptomatic and then spread it

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