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Food Suggestions

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lynbrown | 10:01 Tue 20th Sep 2022 | Body & Soul
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Dear pals, i am 78, poor appetite but obliged to eat to keep my blood sugars right. I really struggle to fancy something, most food turns my stomach. Can anyone suggest something please?


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You need to tell us what you like. Also, have you discussed this with your Dr? There are meal replacement drinks such as Ensure that might help.
Eggs are good in many forms as they supply both fantastic nutrition and calories...custards, quiche, omelettes and lightly scrambled.
My sympathy. I'm nearly 73 and like you have difficulty finding anything appetising.
It would be impossible for anyone to suggest what you might like as we don't know you but I can only say that I find the best food for me is salad.
I like all kinds of dressings and most salad vegetables, so I find that is the most palatable.
Worst foods to turn me off are eggs and any meat products.
But everyone is different.
Just keep experimenting, and hopefully you will find something you like.
Please let us know how you get on.
Back to basics. Small portions of food that kept be left half eaten and finished later. I don't know your health situation but if you can, eat high fat, high sugar foods to keep you going and lift your mood. Eat when you feel like it, not because the clock tells you it is a meal time.
Some suggestions
Breakfast cereal with full fat milk and sugar if preferred - any time of day. It can help you sleep if you eat it before bed
Jam sandwich
A 'picky plate' - cooked meats, cheeses, fruit, nuts, crackers or biscuits, bit of cold pie, hard boiled egg
Cheese on toast
Beans on toast
Supermarket single serving hot pudding (sponge pudding with syrup, there are other options) that ding in the microwave
If you like strong flavours, those little pots of fish or meat paste can make a tasty small sandwich. They will keep in the fridge if you can't eat a whole pot at once.

If you really can't eat, Complan is a good source of nutrition and the drinks are pleasantly flavoured.

You need to be aware that constipation may become a problem if you don't eat enough so try and get some fibre in to your diet.
Would this sort of service appeal to you? My neighbour uses this company and they deliver frozen meals that are just dinged in the microwave, they do small portion meals, too. Not the cheapest way to shop but they are convenient especially if the cooking and prep puts you off eating the finished product.
Could you fancy some lovely ripe fruit like peaches or mangos. Or tinned fruit maybe?
Cheese and biscuits

Do you think you would more inclined to eat something if it were stronger flavours or if it were plain and simple?

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