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Do A Large Percentage Of People Hate To See You Succeed?

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Raidergal2022 | 15:34 Sun 20th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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Do you think that a large percentage of other people secretly enjoy others misfortunes, even when it comes to their friends? For example things like breakups, financial losses, job losses etc?

No one will ever admit to it but all too often I have seen friends etc be in a slightly better mood if I tell them bad news

There was a music star who said something interesting and I am wondering if he is right. He said that ‘people don’t like seeing you at rock bottom/having a much worse time than them but at the same time they tend to dislike and get jelous when you go higher/achieve more than them. They like you to have a little fortune but not more than them’

What do you think?


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Bobbi, sounds good, but until I get my new knees, I'm afraid I would hold you back. Can't go to visit my neighbour who lives over the road without taking my rollator. :-(

Barry, it was an awful thing to say, and I will never forget it.
When I approached her about it, she said she doesn't remember saying it and that if she did, she was only joking. Mmmm.
There’ll be no holding you back with those new knees :0)
Bobbi, I hope so. x
Me too, I mean that x
Thanks Bobbi. I love your new avatar you little alcofrolic. :-) x
Thank you , cheers ( hic)
I think the only successful people that are disliked are the ones who keep on bragging about such.

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Do A Large Percentage Of People Hate To See You Succeed?

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