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HFJL2020 | 14:26 Sat 11th Nov 2023 | Body & Soul
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what  happens  when  a  person  dies   leaves no  money  for  burial     thank u



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Maybe best to contact the funeral parlour who should give you advice ?

There is help from the Dept of work and Pension

And as Annehas said, I'm sure a Funeral director will happily discuss it with you

It's called a paupers funeral. See more here:

Much better and informative post from the lady ^^^^^. 


I'm glad to think that the term Paupers funeral isn't used any more.

There is also a death grant available for any next of kin

That's good to know rh , many people don't realise there are benefits they could claim .

Absolutely dependent can claim. My step mother got about 1500 lump then 120 a month for 18 months.

i found it by accident because there were concerns she was not entitled to dads pension 

RED , what do you mean by a death grant for the next of kin?

Corby this is it. Death grant is probably the wrong name't%20have,for%20up%20to%2018%20months.

Do you have to be on certain benefits to get the bereavement allowance?

Andres my father wasn't on any when it was awarded to my Stepmum 


If the deceased has no assets and any relatives refuse to pay, the council is legally obliged to arrange and pay for the funeral

Just to elaborate on Barry's answer a bit:

When someone dies, there's no obligation whatsoever upon his/her relatives (or, indeed, upon anyone else) to arrange a funeral.  For example, Richard Branson could pass away and his relatives could simply say "Nothing to do with us, mate!".

When nobody arranges a funeral (either out of choice or simply because they've got no money), the local authority is legally obliged to arrange a 'public health funeral':

The local authority is then obliged to seek to recover the costs of the funeral from the estate of the deceased person.  However, if the estate has zero value, the local authority will simply be left to foot the bill.  (They can't pass it on to relatives, nor to anyone else).

Buen, I have attended public authority funerals, both cremations with a short service.

Do you know if local authorities would now use the direct to crem funerals to save money now it is becoming more acceptable?

^^^ The law prohibits local authorities from using cremation if it's known that the deceased person wouldn't have wanted it.  Otherwise though, a local authority is expected to be mindful of the non-statutory guidance given in my link above but isn't bound by it.

I suspect that they might use 'direct cremations' in cases where they're not expecting anyone to turn up at a funeral anyway but might hesitate to do so in othe cases.  

My local council doesn't state what the preferred method is but for West Northants Council, it's cremations unless there are reasons against it.

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