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Redhelen72 | 20:06 Tue 02nd Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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For the last few days I have started getting cramps in my left hand forcing my hand to really restrict itself and on the top of my left foot.

Any ideas?

thank you.



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I was recommended Magnesium tablets but they didn't work for me alas.

I get cramps in my foot, I have been drinking tonic water ( without the booze)  as I heard that might help

Red,   Drink more water.  This can happen with dehydration.  

I reckon more H2O is the way to go. My wife always reckons I don't drink enough water as I get cramp at night in my legs, my skin is quite dry and the phlebotamists always have a problem finding a vein . All due to lack of water  so they, and CL say, and I believe it.

I used to get it a lot but not much now as I drink more water/squash and take a Magnesium tablet if I feel it starting.  The pain is horrendous and my hand goes into the oddest shapes which I have no control over until I quickly gulp down as much water as I can.  I always keep water and the tablets by my bedside at night nowadays.  You have my sympathy RH, please follow mine and others advice.  Good Luck I hope it works for you.

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I don't drink a lot that is true as it's difficult to balance the food vs liquid balance.

will try and up my fluid and see if that helps- thanks all.

Magnesium has helped me. Either magnesium citrate (this one can also relieve constipation) or magnesium glycinate.

Also Himalayan sea salt...a pinch on the tongue frequently stops the cramp in seconds.

I always have a flask of water nearby especially by the bed at night.  It really does help.  Do try drinking more Red.  And have water on the desk too where you work.  Or any drink really but not alcoholic!! ;0))

my doctor gave me quinine pills for leg cramps, which worked well. Unfortunately he told me to take them daily, which put me in danger (there's even an NHS advisory not to do this, which he obviously hadn't read even though I asked him about it). But I still take one after an attack, which means it's a few weeks before I get another one, instead of every couple of days.

quinine water take with gin

fun even if it  doesnt work

Question Author

Thanks - these cramps feel different (if that makes sense) to the leg cramps I have had in the past!

Have to be honest - my left hand is very painful this morning.

Drinking has always been an issue for me and has got worse since my operation - especially as I am unable to drink 1 hour before and 1 hour after!

I will up my intake today and see if it helps, if not I will monitor the situation before seeking medical help.

I really don't think tonic water helps.  A litre of tonic water has around 80mg of quinine and that is not enough to have an effect on cramp.  Quinine tablets are prescribed at 200-300 mg for cramp.

I drink a lot of tonic water as it is the only thing that helps with my very dry mouth, especially at night, and I am plagued with cramp at times

Magnesium, potassium, and zinc taken together. Plus keep hydrated. Works for my wife and I.

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I will need to check and see if the magnesium etc is OK to take given that I am already on medication.

I upped my hydration yesterday - no foot cramp but I still got the hand cramps

Holland and Barrett sell an aerosol of Magnesium oil which I have found really good.

Spray it on the affected area and rub in.

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