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18 Months Ago

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Thisoldbird | 23:13 Fri 19th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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Having set up a new phone I've spent the last hour reading posts I  found on my old phone.. one such very long thread, I started here 18 months ago. 

I'd started it when my beloved husband was nearing his end of life. It had well over 200 replies. 

The wonderful support I had from people who only knew me as Thisoldbird was amazing. 

I've sat here with big tears running down my cheeks  reading them all. Isn't the internet a wonderful tool.. (most of the time)




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That's lovely.
Yes, the internet can be great at times. Most times really, depends where you go. I think we're alright here in general. 

The internet? Well, yes, it can be a wonderful tool. Depends on how it's used, but, in your case, Thisoldbird, it's been used in the best possible way. I do hope that you will be as happy (or contented) as is possible, and I wish you well.

I do recall how strong you appeared at time .


As all the guys here know,I lost my partner of 49 years,last November 16th.

I would not have surfaced from my devastation and grief without the help and support,of all the Guys here at AB.

My offer of "Take my Hand,and we can get through this together" still stands.I am certainly not the only person here to have experience deep grief,but as mine(like yours) is recent and it perhaps is more raw,and we move forward together in this?

However,everyone here will help you as well,just like they helped me.


I wasn't on the thread concerned - but I do know that gness was, and she's really happy to read that the AB people helped you so much at such a difficult time.

When things work well, AB (and other internet places) can be great - best wishes from both of us now.

I'm pleased you found comfort here, there are many fabulous people on AB.  

As has been said, there are some amazing people here on AB, many of who have been here years and years. Am so glad that reading your old post/comments has given you some comfort, and that it helped 18 months ago at such a difficult time x

My whole relationship was on the site,I met him through it, we married, and the members were with us through the rest of our time together, from crazy beer guides, through every stage of his illness to his death, and a few pretty bad spells afterwards.I

I think this place is special because the average age of the members means there is always someone who has walked a similar path and understands what you are going through.   Maybe the way forward is to simply expand the demographic, and just attract each generation of oldies as they mature.

Question Author

Thank you everyone who has replied here and the original post. 

I love the poem Gordon(?) 

I shall read in often. 


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