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Mri Scan On Shin

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jackthehat | 14:14 Tue 30th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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During the recent high winds my Mum had a car door blow shut against her shin.

There is some superficial damage but she assures me it doesn't really hurt that much.

An x-ray threw up a possible lesion on the bone and so she is now booked in for an MRI scan.

As it is just her shin, will she need to be inserted into the large MRI scanner? These are my only experience of them but mine was for lumbar-spine problems which seems fair enough...

Mum is severely claustrophobic and is terrified at the thoughts of going into the MRI chamber. 

Have any of you knowledgeable ABers had MRI scans on bits of you that didn't require full immersion?

Many thanks.




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Only her legs will go in to the machine
14:19 Tue 30th Jan 2024
Question Author

Sorry, editing this question obviously didn't help much......

It should have said:

"Is it just her shin that will need to be slid in, or will she need to be fully inserted into the large MRI scanner?"

Only her legs will go in to the machine

No, Jth.  I had an MRI on my foot and ankle quite recently - and only my foot and ankle went into the tunnel.  It's all very easy.  

Seconded. I had one on my knee a few weeks ago. I was only inserted to about the middle of my thighs.

I can understand claustrophobics being a bit deterred by the thought of the procedure. As well as the "tunnel" effect, the process is extremely noisy. I was asked if I wanted any music played through the headphones you are fitted with (in case they need to contact you during the scan). My greatest fear - far, far greater than the scan itself - was that they would play either Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra!  😄 

NJ, I've had a few MRIs where I've been 'incarcerated' - only the first time did I agree to music.  It was deafening!  I didn't do it again!

Question Author

Thankyou for all for your answers. I am sure she will very reassured knowing this.


I had an MRI on my spine for a disc problem, I was in it for about half an hour.

I used the time wisely, I went to sleep.

You wouldn't have slept if you were claustrophobic, andy 

I've fallen asleep on many occasions  during  Mri scans.    

barry - // You wouldn't have slept if you were claustrophobic, andy //


But I'm not.

So I did.

Weirdly i'e just returned from having an MRI scan done on my chest area. I had one in Dec 2022 and i was just about fully in the machine. This time round i was a good couple of feet inside the machine. But, i found that if i looked back, i could see the lights of the room, which eased any anxiety  began to feel (40 mins is a long time).

No music this time, either. Which was a bit of a blessing as last time it was 40 mins of Adele and Ed Sheeran, middle of the road music. Anyone who knows me, or has seen some of the music vids i post, will know i don't do 'middle-of-the-road.🎸

Just read the last couple of posts and will add, i actually had to fight to not fall asleep. The constant drum-like noise is quite soothing and it only gets really noisy when the machine kicks into overdrive as you are holding your breath.

I have never found the newer ones claustrophobic in any way and I have been  totally under the tunnel on a few occasions.  Its certainly not dark and,as said you can see out of them.  Also, I have been allowed to choose my music or radio channel on most occasions.  I will say though ask them for a blanket. They have to be kept very cool

Sounds painful, is the skin broken .just the leg for the mri , that's good .

I do not know the answer to your question, but I have immense sympathy for your mother.  I am also dreadfully claustrophobic and can understand her terror.

I have had three MRI full scans and each time, needlessly, had to check that there was no door at the bottom end...just in case they locked me in!

Barmaid, only her legs will be enclosed.  Tilly, I had to giggle, but we all have our fears its just that I imagined you checking for a door.


I had to go head first into one of those recently and it's not pleasant.

I didn't realise there was so little space, ie the top of the tunnel seemed about 4 inches from my face. Luckily I'm not claustrophobic. Also it was incredibly noisy.

I have had regular mri lower leg scans and you only need the lower leg to go in. I once had a head scan - that was horrendous: head clamped in a plastic contraption for nearly an hour inside the scanner. At least they found I had a brain and it was normal. 🤗

Ive had quite a few and for all of mine I was fully immersed. Luckily im not claustrophobic but they can be noisy I agree!

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Mri Scan On Shin

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