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Vascular Dementia

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Redhelen72 | 06:58 Sat 17th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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MIL has been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia.

The advisor rang us yesterday to let us know and talk through the diagnosis, apparently social services will get a referral and will visit her to see what help will be needed.

As apparently she will need a lot of help. Does anyone know if this help is means tested and if it can be refused?

Thank you 



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Red, we had the same problem with one of Mr Ls sisters, but funnily enough she suddenly became more interested in her mother when she was dying.   

(She had a shock though when she didn't know what we knew.  Her mother died in debt.  She had been conned into taking out a huge equity loan on her property and given away money to the orthodox church.  Property prices fell and we handed her properyt back to the Building Society.)

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The brother knows he is. It getting the house. He will get money and keepsakes as will the grandchildren. The house goes to Mr Red

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Vascular Dementia

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