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Should I Get A Tattoo?

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emily1890 | 16:35 Mon 11th Mar 2024 | Body & Soul
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so, I really want to get a tattoo on my arm. I have wanted one for.. well, many years- it will be my first


my big question is, how much does it hurt?. I don't feel I handle pain well, and I definitely don't like needles (I was the girl at school always avoiding the flu jab)


that aside, I think I'm reasonably still, and also reasonably patient, so wouldn't have any trouble sittting there I don't think


thoughts?. perhaps those who have had them can share your experiences?



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it hurts a lot like a cat scratching the same spot 100 times in a row and you get hot and sweaty and if not prepared you could easily faint make sure you drink fluids have sugar and are well rested and watered 

Emily - you say you don't handle pain well & you also don't like needles! I think that answers your question lol.

the URL's the bit that begins http or similar

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Should I Get A Tattoo?

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