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twain11 | 16:57 Sat 19th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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Am i just being and old grump or has anyone else noticed most youngsters (16-22) nowadays seem to think it is fashionable to claim they are bi-sexual? More or less every young lady i talk to claims to be and i have met a fair few fellas now who are finding it trendy. Should i go with the times and start going for lads as well as girls, i don't want to be un-trendy.


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me and my friend..who is a lesbian not bi-sexual was saying this the other day.

we are both drama students and five people out of a 12 people class are 'bi-sexual' girl in particular thinks that its great and that i really think she's great for being 'bi-sexual'...fair enough if you are but it doesnt make you sound any better for saying you are lol

i'm straight personally and have nothing against people who like the same sex, but when did it become such a must have lol
The amount of bi-sexual people I've met the past year or so is unbelievable, I think it's due to people being more acceptable when it comes to sexuality!
Its a turn on to have a three in a bed with 2 birds (not that i have !0.

but I do not like bisexual women at all....and appologise to any on here (espec Fee)

I worked with one a couple of years ago. She was not nice person, arrogent.

Met other birds who were the same, so it was not a one off.

Why is bi-sexuality so acceptable? surely its just an excuse to cheat and go from partner to partner whatever the sex
it's just like kids wanting to find the clothes the BB freaks wear, they now want to all be bi-sexual so they can have a shot at being a reality TV star. apparently it is a must for the application especially if u are a girl.

I am not trendy and certainly not young (36) but i AM bisexual (as Mr C says) and i think it probably has more to do with acceptance than 'being trendy', perhaps?

I have always known i was attracted to women but when i was 16-22 (approx) i was AFRAID to admit it to anyone because it was seen (even then) as being 'not the done thing'.

It seems that people are more accepting (with the possible exception of Mr C?!!!) now days, so i feel much happier 'admitting' it.

I am arrogant, yes, but it has nothing to do with my sexual prefs, so ner ya big northern meanie!
Question Author
I'm glad i'm not the only one who has noticed. My friends girlfriend is always banging on about being bi, i mean she brings it up constantly as if we didn't know about it. I approached her with my trend theory and haven't heard a peep about the subject since.
'Excuse to cheat'???????

Lol... yeah, that would be it.
about 5 years ago we had a "gay" club open up in our small town! i say "gay" club because it had the drag queens and played music aimed at gay people......anyway, i think everybody "came out" as soon as this club opened, i always thought that was fashion??
Question Author
I was talking about the younger generation taking it to be cool in claiming. Apologies to any offended.
Sorry Fee...its just Ive met a few Bi birds and they were arogent. Im sure youve met a few neandathal blokes like me and thought they were we are even.

But I did appologise to you in advance.

maybe its a generalisation I made whoch I shouldnt have done.

grovel grevel grovel
It might be trendy to say they are bi but will never ever put it into practice.. Just a thought!!
Question Author
Well they like to kiss their friends in public and think people will still be shocked by their actions but it don't work. I doubt most of these "bi" youngsters would ever get down to the real dirty business.
I know a Lesbian and she told me once that the gay community hated "bi's" because it was an easy way out.. sitting on the fence so to speak.. they could flit from one sex to the other without any hang ups and no cares on who they hurt
Aw... Mr C, i took no offence ya big sweetie!

(At the risk of repeating myself... G-R... phwoar...)

I actually agree with some of the posters on here totally. I was talking only about people of my age (perhaps? see? told you i was arrogant... or egocentric... apols) but i think that younger people (have noticed it from males, too, in the last year or so) DO seem to drop it into conversations more and more. I also think that MOST of them would have a pink fit if a situation got 'personal'.

ie. as twain11 said: they like to 'shock' walking along the highstreet, kissing, on a Saturday night, tanked up on alco-pops, but once home they wouldn't dream of getting it on with their mates!
And you believe everything you are told, do you vortex...?

Why is it 'sitting on the fence'?

I make it perfectly clear i like BOTH sexes.

I am not sitting on ANY fence!

And why would i not care about who i hurt any more than a straight woman...?

Your logic is a wee bit pants in my opinion...!
I think EVERYONE is born to be bi-sexual but that many people have it drilled out of them by whatever is socially acceptable amongst their communities and I think younger people are more likely just to be honest because my generation who are their parents are less shockable than say our parents.
I myself believe in live and let live.. whatever anyones orientation.. If someone is single and they practice safe sex there is no problem. My friend was hurt by someone who claimed they were gay but went back to a guy and in her experience of bi's this was an easy excuse of swapping partners whenever they fancied.. i do realise this isnt the case for all cases and everyone is different
I'm bisexual and I've never cheated on anyone, but merely find both men and women attractive. Although some bisexuals may be promiscuous, just as some gay and straight people are, others are not.

In my own case, I usually enjoy longer term relationships with men and then brief, but exciting sexual encounters with women before moving on to another relationship with a man. I accept this can be extremely frustrating and irritating at times, but I wouldn't cheat just because the opportunity presented itself.

Some bi-sexual women prefer longer relationships with women and enjoy brief dalliances with men between relationships, whilst others have relationships of equal length with both sexes.

I'm certain there are others who merely flit between the sexes in a manner equivalent to men and women who have numerous partners, but I think that is more a reflection on your personality type than your sexuality.

In answer to your question, I'm not sure it is a matter of fashionability, more the easier acceptance of various sexualities, particularly among women in this day and age.

Sadly, there is a degree of discrimination against bisexuals from small section of the gay community, but I see that as their problem, not mine.

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