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MrBen5 | 13:54 Fri 01st Jun 2007 | Body & Soul
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How trusting are you when you are in a relationship?

I find it really hard to believe that over 50% of the people on here trust their partners 100%.
Ha ha, its the first time i have laughed today...


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i don't fully trust anyone, not even my parents/close friends sad but true!
Surely when its true love there will be 100% trust. Im of the ilk if its going to happen, its going to happen, no point losing sleep over it.
Question Author
Hmmm, i hear what your saying Goodsoulette, but i dont believe in coincidence and if things are going to happen they will.
I believe that you can control your actions and control yourself not to do certain things. If people know of the consequences of there actions, then i think it is a big deterrent from doing something...
I dont think that you can fully trust someone 100% even when your head over heels in love! there is always a part of you that either does or wants to hold back!
I think its even harder if you have been let down in the past as well because as much as you try to block that experiance out it must still pop into your mind!
Yeah, I see what you are saying BEn but if my (imaginary) boyfriend was to go and have sex with someone else what the hell could I do about it!

In fact my ex shagged someone whilst I was away for a weekend and it has since manifested that he probably had my cousin too, i didnt particularly trust him but then again did I really care? NO!
It really depends who you're with doesnt it. If they have a bad past then I'm not too trusting at all, so have got rid. But I can say now I trust my bloke 100% or I wouldnt be with him
Question Author
Hmmm, but surely the reason he did those things was partly because he knew he could get away with it.
He may have known you trusted him 100% and knew he could get away with things.
Maybe its the fact that you didnt care in your relationship with him and thats why he did those things to you.
Which is exactly what my point was. You cant trust your partner 100%...
I don't trust anyone 100%, not just boyfriends.

There's always a very small part of me with a defence mechanism ready to expect the worst. I have had my trust thrown back in my face in the past, but I also don't like to tarnish others with the same brush. So what I'm saying is I'll always give someone the benefit of the doubt in the hope that they won't let me down. After all, that's the civil thing to do!

And also, I would rather be able to open my heart and love fully, than to be sceptical about it and not feel true love at all.
Well i dont know..... If you say from the bginning that you wont tolerate that and if he does cheat your finished then maybe a man/women who really cares about their partner wouldnt do it. I suppose it very much depends how into each other you are!
There must be couples who wouldnt dream and have never cheated on their partner. So they must have 100% trust!
I am 62, 3rd time married, I trust my LAST wife with my life. Sold our house to realise capital all of which is in wife's name for tax purposes. How trusting is that.Sorry last wife should be called present wife, still the last one though.
I suppose that there is only really one person you can trust 100% and that is yourself, but then again, I've never been too sure about me. lol
Question Author
I havent and hopefully never will cheat on any partner, but at the same time i wouldnt trust anyone 100%.
I still think you can have love for that person without having 100% trust.
I think everyone would love to be able to trust 100% but i think deep down nobody ever does, as the way society is nowadays...
Question Author
Hmmm, i wouldnt trust you if i was you annie. i have heard things about you. ha ha
myself and my wife have 1000% trust with each other.

I suspect the people who question this {Mr Ben} are the ones who have issue's with trust in relationships?

You probably find it hard to believe because you are not trust worthy yourself or you've been cheated on before
I trust Mr Boo 100% - if he's going to play away he'd do it whether I was suspicious or not. However in the 13 years we've been together I have never ever had cause to doubt him.

So yes, giggle yourself silly MrB, i'd tick the 100% box.
I dont think it is possible to trust anyone 100% - we are capable of doing anything at the end of the day. It does pay to keep an open mind the majority of the time in all cases. Don't listen to mindless idle gossip, make your own mind up about people.
Give everyone a second chance, as the saying goes :-

Love many,
Trust Few,
Paddle your own canoe !
Question Author
Hmmm, nice answers BOO and lawrence, but do you spend any time away from your partners at all on an irregular basis(by that i mean weekends out/away, etc.?
I am guessing not...
Yeah MrB- we do spent time apart- Mr Boo works away alot, last week for example he spent 3 days in Ireland with his job. Do I think he played around whilst there? No.
100% from here too.

If Mr P can put up with his first wife sha88ing around and not straying himself, he will be fine with me :o)

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